VULCAN LG-300 FRYER 40lb capacity

SKU: LG-300

LG Series gas freestanding model fryers, Vulcan Model No. LG300, LG400, and LG500 available in 35-40, 45-50, and 65-70 lb. oil capacities with 90,000, 120,000, or 150,000 BTU’s respectively. Stainless steel front top and reinforced door. Stainless steel fry tank with three, four or five heat exchanger tubes for maximum heat transfer. Large “V” shaped cold zone and 11⁄4″ port ball valve. Includes twin fry baskets with plastic coated handles and drain extension. Behind the door snap action millivolt thermostat control adjust from 200° to 400°F



  • Built-in flue deflector
  • Nickel-plated tube rack
  • Stainless steel fry tank
  • Stainless steel front and door
  • Set of 4 nickel-plated legs adjustable to 7”
  • Twin fry baskets with plastic coated handles
  • G90 high grade galvanized non-corrosive finish sides and back
  • Hi-limit shut-off protector shuts off gas combination valve and standing pilot



  • Door lined for added stability
  • “V” shaped large cold zone area
  • Earth magnet secures closed door
  • Thermostat adjusts from 200° to 400° F
  • Millivolt system requires no electric hookup

Overall Dimensions:
151⁄2″w x 301⁄4″d x 361⁄4″h working height – LG300, LG400
21″w x 301⁄8″d x 361⁄4″h working height – LG500
CSA design certified. NSF listed.