Follett MCD400ABT Maestro 510 Pound Chewblet Cube Ice Machine – Air Cooled

SKU: mcd400ABT

Designed to produce ice for use in storage bins, the Follett MCD400ABT Maestro Chewblett air cooled cube ice machine produces up to 510 pounds of Chewblet ice per day! This slow-melting, compressed nugget ice allows more efficient dispensing compared to traditional cubes, and is great for use in beverages, ice packs and food displays. For durability, the MCD400ABT boasts a stainless steel exterior, and its efficient design uses less water and energy than comparable cube ice machines. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details and installation requirements.
– Vertical evaporator for superior heat transfer and ice production

– Quiet operation

– UL, CE, and NSF Listed, 115V with cord and plug included

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 19″
Front to Back: 20 7/8″
Height: 17″