Rubbermaid 1732 Gray Palletote Box – 2.6 cu. ft (FG173200GRAY)


The Rubbermaid 1732 gray palletote is ideal for those foodservice businesses looking for cost effective storage and tranpsport. Use these totes to hold and store almost anything safely and efficiently.

Each Rubbermaid 1732 palletote is constructed of USDA tested materials that comply with FDA regulations for use in meat and poultry plants, and high-density polyethylene with high stress crack resistance. Also featured on every tote is a slip-resistant textured bottom.

All Rubbermaid 1732 gray palletotes are nestable and stackable with or without lids. They also come with a 180 degrees stacking feature for extra stability. Their recommended temperature range is -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exterior dimensions of the Rubbermaid 1732 gray palletote are 23 1/2″L x 19 1/2″W x 13″H.

Lid is sold separately under item #: 6901730.